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My Story

"Honest All rounder" - 

Krishna Chieppa, Green Entrepreneur, Bali

Many different lives with setbacks, losses, disease, adventure and nourishing experiences…
Born and raised in Indonesia, Germany and USA to a Chinese father and German mother.
Trained as a professional ballet dancer in a Russian Ballet academy while finishing secondary education in Germany, focusing in European Business studies.
Trained editor, journalist and events manager in the snowboarding industry.
Enjoyed board sports while working for Billabong Europe in Sales and Marketing.
Completed business studies specialised in Marketing and Business Ethics at University of Brighton while working at American Express EMEA. 
Worked in Portugal, Tanzania and Cameroon for communications agencies conducting socio-economic reports to attract foreign direct investments.
Global Marketing Manager private jet and cargo chartering company in London. 
Marketing Manager for Abu Dhabi Yacht Show in Dubai.
Contractor in LNG for British Gas Group in Australia.
Worked as Sales Director for Singapore Yacht Show in Singapore.

Worked in family office environment in Monaco.

Investor Relations for global publicly listed pharmaceutical company.
With my international experiences, the natural next step was to create combine my business with wellbeing coaching to empower professionals to create a balance in their lives.
Success for me has come through diligent work/life balancing.
I am a certified international trauma yoga therapist, alchemy healer (quantum healing, movement, meditation, consciousness coach and writer.
The combination of my work experience, cross cultural exposure, language skills and work/life balance approach are the qualities that allow me to help individuals, business and multi-national corporations reach their personal and business goals.

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