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Our Holistic Approach

We are wellbeing experts in our own fields such as trauma meditation, movement, energy work and awareness training, 'food as medicine', art of communication, business ethics & integrity. We believe that creating our lives in alignment with our optimal human potential has a positive impact on our personal and professional responsibilities.


Wellbeing Programmes for Groups & Individuals: Corporate & Leadership, Burnout & Stress Level Control, Trauma Informed

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Yoga & Movement

Most of the journey to self care begins with movement and reconnecting to our breath.
Yoga looks at our multi dimensional being made of the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual realms, starting with movement, breath and focus being the foundations of the entire practice.
We teach trauma informed yoga according to the ancient yogic philosophies, as well as based on scientific findings.
The practice is adapted to the clients' needs, ages group, level, any capabilities and/or dis-ease.

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