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To my world where business practices find alignment with self-care and wellbeing.

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About My Approach

How I Can Help

I am a multifaceted consultant with over 20 years of a multi-hyphenated career in marketing/communications, sales & business development, investor relations and wellbeing with trauma informed yoga therapy, meditation and alchemy healing.
Combining business skills and well-being to optimise productivity, creativity and integrity in a conscious decision-making process, which I consider to be assets in adapting to our current ever-changing environment.

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My Services

What I Provide

Business Consultancy

Investor Relations

Business Development  
Events & Project Management  
Strategic Partnerships   
CRM System Implementation


Individual & Corporate Self Care Programs 

Yoga Therapy & Movement

Energy Work

Geraldine is a dynamic team member who does not hesitate to jump into situations with the aim to resolve issues. She has strong ethics and values, which make her a human-oriented professional. I would recommend Geraldine without hesitation.

Bertrand Petyt, Managing Partner Vitruvius Partners Group - Monaco

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